Following Volcano’s return to Belgrade from the United States in 2004, lacking the companionship and cooperation that he had in the New York Floating Point Unit (FPU) group, having found himself in the environment of his beginnings, wherein many artistic (and overall life) changes had occurred, Mikić entered the Belgrade art scene through a solo exhibition entitled Quick Time, held at the Zvono [Bell] Gallery in March-April 2004.

Actually, the paintings of this cycle, characteristically entitled Quick Time, of which it has been correctly said that they can be defined by the term “post-technological painting” (Miroljub Marjanović) originate from motifs taken over from computer software. But why paint (by hand, using oil on canvas) images that already exist on a screen or images which can be more easily and quickly produced resorting to the much more advanced medium of computer technologies? This method of more difficult and slower manual realisation might indeed seem debatable, even anachronistic, if the artist’s decision did not contain and offer to the viewer the fol-
lowing quite deliberate and provocative intention: what is required is an answer to
the question of whether it is at all possible, and under what conditions, to produce
a classical picture in an era of absolute domination of mass media. Being prone to
shifting established artistic notions and behaviours even before this, Mikić believes that in today’s situation of widespread and easy availability of media aids, it is considerably more challenging for the artist to take the uphill path of manual production of “slow” pictures than to slide down the slope of technical production of “quick pictures”. Naturally, this is not a matter of alleged artistic conservativism, what is at work here is the realisation that, even in today’s “quick time” of creating this painterly cycle, which is precisely what it is called, art survives and attracts attention first of all if the artist is willing and able to use classical media in a new way, instead of simply exploiting new media without any obligations and irrespective of their indebtedness to classical methods.

Jesa Denegri, speeks about “QickTime” painting show by Vlaste Mikica Volcano, the show was open on 24 september 2012 at the  Center for Culture Svilajnac.

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