Signs Along the Road, 1991.
Burdened by the trauma of the horrible wartime circumstances of the early 1990’s, that Volcano realised one of his key works, maybe one of the most convincing and most exciting artistic testimonies of this historical plunge by a Serbian author, the installation
Signs Along the Road, 1991, made of burnt car tyres.
Volcano’s installation is as disturbing as some horrible nightmarish vision: the ghostly black fragments of burnt tyres hang from the ceiling of the exhibition space or are hung on high poles leaning against the wall of the gallery, in both cases reminiscent, on account of the ugliness and the softness of the material used, of some destroyed organic tissue, of torn-off limbs and maimed human and animal carcasses.
The work was presented at two exhibitions entitled Remember Yugoslavia, first at the
Art in General gallery in New York in November 1993, which featured, apart from Volcano, Marina Abramović, Zoran Belić Weiss, Vesna Golubović, Vesna Todorović Miksić, Vladimir Radojičić, Raša Todosijević, Victoria Vesna and Maja Zrnić, and after that at the 2nd International Biennialin Los Angeles in August 1995.

Dr Jerko Denegri