Vlasta Volcano at the O3one Gallery.Vlastimir Mikic Volcano is one of the main protagonists of Belgrade’s transvanguardia of the eighties and a pioneer of the digital art on the New York artistic scene. Mikic was one of the members of the art group “Zestoki” and his work is characterized as “a new wave art” or “new image”. He is the founder and the first director of the cult Belgrade club “Akademija” on the Faculty of Fine Arts where the new core of the Belgrade artistic scene was formed in the beginning of the eighties.

From 1985 to 2004 Vlasta Mikic Volcano lived and worked in New York. He presented his work in the prestigious galleries: Archetaype, Studio 515, Postmasters Gallery, Art klub Baktun, Knitting Factory, The Tunnel, Roselend Ballroom, The Gertude Stein Repertory Theatre and many others. He participated in two exibitions named Remember Yugoslavia with a group of Serbian artists (Marina Abramovic, Rasa Todosijevic, Zoran Belic Weiss, Vesna Golubovic, etc.) in 1993 in the gallery Art in General in New York and 1995 in Los Angeles on the Second International Biennale.

In 1993 with a group of artists he created an electronic artistic group from Brooklyn and Manhattan called FPU (Floating Point Unit). As initiators of digital art in New York, the artists gathered around FPU are the first to ogranise live transmissions of artistic events by internet. FPU presented and organised numerous events until 1998 when they stopped working.When he returned to Belgrade (2004), Mikic became involved in the artistic life of Serbia.

He lives and works both in Belgrade and New York.



 Monography: Volcano, Beograd, 2012.

Professional biography Vlastimir Mikic Volcano